We don’t make
the furniture.
You do.

Boston Interiors

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Video, CTV, Broadcast, Print, In-Store, Email, Website, Video, CTV, Broadcast, Print, In-Store, Email, Website, Video, CTV

It’s hard telling the executive team and board of directors for a furniture
retailer that they’ll sell more sofas if they just stop trying to sell sofas.
They listened. It worked.

"Afternoon Delight"

You can sell a lot of sofas
by napping on one.

The Moments Campaign was announced with the launch of “Afternoon
Delight,” which featured a mom napping on a couch in the middle of the
day. The month the spot launched, Boston Interiors sold more sofas than
any other month in their history.

Earned Eyeballs

  • +700,000

    organic YouTube views

Being relatable stands
out in this category.

Instead of impeccably appointed rooms, festive holidays or perfect
parties, this campaign celebrates the small stuff of our everydays. The
moments in between The Moments. The mishaps, the annoyances and
sometimes the glorious, little victories like a smartphone homework hack.