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Identity, Broadcast, Video, Digital, Social, Outdoor, In-Branch, Environmental, Radio, Website, Collateral, Identity, Broadcast

We keep your money safe and get it to you when you need it as good as anyone’s ever done it. Rather than inflating their own self-worth through exaggerated or flat-out made-up differentiators, Avidia tells it like it is. It’s refreshing. So refreshing, in fact, that, since Honest to goodness launched, huge numbers of people have asked themselves, “Since I’m going to bank somewhere, why not bank with the honest one?”

There are many
banks. We’re
the orange one.

Because they’re pretty much the same as
any other bank’s offerings, we don’t sell
Avidia’s products and services primarily.
We sell honesty.

The Brandbook

Rules and regs about art, copy,
colors, jokes, logos, principles,
characters, a Mark Twain
quote—it’s all covered in the bible
of brand building: The Brandbook.

Don’t you want to bank
at a bank this honest?

As their ads show, Avidia has nothing to hide. They know who
they are, what they offer and the emotional value their
disarming honesty brings to customers. You should consider
being one of those customers, gentle stranger.