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Oliver Thomas

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Identity, Outdoor, Print, Environment, Website, Social, Collateral, Identity, Outdoor, Print, Environment, Website, Social

Sea planes? Hampton estates? Six-inch heels? Not in an Oliver Thomas ad. Unlike almost every other fashion brand, Oliver Thomas is copy-driven, and it often tells people what it won’t do. It won’t make your weekends or legs longer. It won’t teach you to ride horses or yachts. Plainly put, Oliver Thomas bags will not make you someone you’re not. Turns out, lots of women like keeping things real.

Art & Copy

Most fashion brands communicate with rich and often extravagant imagery. Being a spanking new brand, Oliver Thomas needed to stand out, but maintain a level of credibility and aspiration. The brand does this by being uniquely copy-driven. It garners its street cred with top-shelf type design and sterling product photography.


A manicure. The extra scoop. A French bulldog.
That beaded braid from that guy on the beach
that one time in Jamaica. There’s a fuzzy line
between want and need and where exactly wine
falls on the spectrum depends on the day. Then
again, a lot of things depend on the day. Mood
comes to mind. Does today call for sass or heart
or courage or mischief or or or? We’re funny that
way. Fluctuating between attitudes and our
assessments of wants versus needs.

Regardless, we can all agree on one thing:
Nobody needs another bag. Nobody.

Then again, who said anything about need?