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fine brands.

We were founded by a creative director and are co-run by an executive producer. The craft we put into our work, our approach to team building, the collaboration we forge with our partners, the immersiveness with strategy and media—all of these reflect our leadership and are more than aspects of a business model.
These are core values.

We're your
in-house agency.

Think of us as your own in-house team of brand folks. Writers. Designers. Strategists. Producers. Performance experts. We're your team and we work with you just as colleagues would-not as a vendor.

We don't just learn your company, we learn your culture. On top of diving into every creative brief, we proactively come to you with ideas that are relevant, timely, and impactful. We microwave leftovers in your break room. We're committed.

Our Signature

Sometimes we shake. Sometimes we stir.
Three key ingredients never change.

Strategic Rigor

We’ve seen too many facts dressed up in fancy hats and sequined pantsuits and presented as showstoppers to know the difference between genuinely distinct, valuable, driving insights and what amounts to casual data with jazz hands. At Bathtub Gin, research and analytics don’t qualify on their own as comprehensive creative strategies.

We take an investigative approach to uncovering opportunities, insights and blind spots. And, just as strategy signs off on creative, creative signs off on each strategy. The line between the two is sometimes blurry—we like it that way.

Top-Shelf Creative

Whether generating ideas, fine-tuning them or executing them, there’s a relentlessness to our passion for craft and quality. At its best, advertising creates, connects with and comments on culture. That’s what drives all of us and especially our creatives.


As brand stewards, we are invested in the mission, vision and values of every collaboration and project. Our partnerships are flexible and we operate with sincerity and straightforwardness as a matter of principle. We also try to have some fun along the way. Because without that, what’s the point of it all?

Up, Up,
Down, Down
Left, Right
Left, Right
B, A,
Bathtub Gin

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    Most things we do ourselves in-house and others we do with trusted partners.
    This is a deliberate business model born from a commitment to achieving the
    highest quality work without the industry-standard practices of bloated scopes
    to cover gratuitous overhead.

    How we can help
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    • Brand & Campaign Development
    • Creative & Social Content
    • Design & Identity Systems
    • Video Production
    • Web Design
    • Creative & Social Strategy
    • Media Strategy & Buying
    • Research & Analytics
    • Web Development
    • Digital Performance Marketing & Optimization

    How we can help
    Russell Brand:

    • Vegan Leather Trousers
    • Aggressively Deep V-Necks
    • Unique Jewelry
    • Ironic Shoes
    • Discerning Dictation Apps
    Russell Brand Sunglasses

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