Branding is a
fine art.

And it’s one we believe in deeply. We also believe in
strategy. Media. Cultural IQ, dressing by mood, foot
rails, seasoning generously and a well-placed
explosion. Welcome to Bathtub Gin.

Mona Lisa Chillin
Mona Lisa Martini Time
Mona Lisa Noodle Time
Mona Lisa Gazing

We don’t make gin.
Not even non-alcoholic beer.

To be clear, we don’t distill, ferment or brew anything here at
Bathtub Gin. What we do make are refreshing, great-tasting,
long-lasting brands. Please enjoy responsibly.



Bathtub Gin is Non-Alcoholic

An ad agency that
doesn’t hate ads?
How rebellious.

It’s become trendy for ad agencies to talk about how much they
hate ads. Us? We love ‘em. Not the terrible ones, which make up
the majority, but the good ones that entertain, inspire, educate
and, crucially, convert. We make ads people like. Which creates
brands people love. Simple in concept. Hard in execution. Like
anything worthwhile.